Paintings by The Absurdists

Wendy Parkyn and William Isaacs 





A book of 48 full colour plates, showcasing the extraordinary talents of the artists in a collection of diverse images. 



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The Absurdists





A Day Off - William Isaacs




The Messenger - William Isaacs



Waiting - William Isaacs



The Gallery of paintings by The Absurdists will arouse, delight and exercise the imagination with a series of extraordinary images. So have a look and see what you think. The aim of our work is chiefly to entertain - so we would love hear your thoughts and comments and questions, please use the Guest Book tab.

If you are fascinated by the eclectic, the esoteric and the absurd then these paintings are for you.

The Absurdists are William Isaacs and Wendy Parkyn.

William is a painter with many years experience of depicting the unusual, the offbeat, the amusing. In a catalogue of original pictures he makes the commonplace less common, the extraordinary almost feasible. There is no common theme in his paintings, just a desire to make you look and wonder 'what if'.

Wendy has enjoyed many successful years as a landscape painter.  Usually a straight landscape artist, here, she has delved into another world of the eccentric and bizarre. Together with William they have painted a collection of skewed situations to ponder and enjoy.  Although generally they paint seperately, on occasions they have collaborated to create a single painting. 

It's all quite absurd!